What makes the Air-Rest different from the other arrow rests on the market? 


The Air-Rest is the first and only touch-less arrow rest.  Being touch-less means that upon release, there is absolutely no arrow contact with the rest.  All other arrow rests must make contact with the arrow.  With the Air-Rest, the arrow only touches the bowstring when at full draw!  There is no shaft contact, no fletching contact, no friction and no noise.  And this is done with no chords and no moving parts!  Even the best drop away rests with precise tuning must contact the arrow at sometime during the arrow’s flight.  This leads to inaccuracy, friction and disturbance of the arrow and requires constant tuning/maintenance.  Simply put, the Air-Rest completely eliminates what every other arrow rest before has tried to minimize.


How does the Air-Rest work?


The Air-Rest utilizes a magnetic insert (very similar to normal inserts), which is repelled by the magnets in the rest to levitate and center the arrow.  Magnetic inserts of your choice come free with every purchase of the Air-Rest.  During the draw cycle, the arrow slides perfectly quiet in the guide on the bottom of the rest until the magnetic fields interact and the arrow lifts by itself with no strings or mechanisms.


Won’t the arrow fall and the vanes hit the rest?


No, it will not touch anything when setup correctly.  You can easily test this by lightly dusting the end of your arrow and fletching with baby powder or foot powder, shooting this arrow through the Air-Rest, and watching for any powder transfer from the arrow onto the rest.  You can also do this with lipstick instead of powder, but lipstick can be harder to see than a white powder, and the white powder is easier to clean off of certain surfaces (such as felt or mole hair) than lipstick.


How much do the magnetic inserts weigh?


The weight of the magnetic inserts depends on the size or diameter of the arrow you are shooting.  Our most common insert CI-1, which fits most carbon arrows, only weighs about 50 grains.  A typical insert already weighs about 20 grains so you are only adding about 30 grains to your arrow.  This added weight will give you better arrow flight due to more weight FOC (front of center) and will also give you more kinetic energy for greater penetration.


How stable is the arrow when it is levitating?


The arrow is very stable. Most customers are very surprised at the arrow stability and with the strength of the magnets.  If you were to push on the arrow in the middle you would see the arrow bend before it left the magnetic field.  You can briskly move your bow all around and will not see the arrow move out of center.


How long does the arrow take long to lift and “settle”?


Since the arrow lifts by itself without any mechanisms and cords, the arrow must find the center of the rest before it completely stabilizes.  The arrow can lift and settle almost instantly, or take 2 to 3 seconds depending on your setup.  Even at 3 seconds, unless you are snap shooting at some time trial, the arrow is ready to go before you should be ready to shoot.  Your shot sequence of finding your anchor point and sight pin takes longer than the arrow needs to stabilize.  If you want the arrow to stabilize faster, we recommend going without a loop and clipping your release directly to your string under your arrow (with a cushion in between the nock and release).  This Air-Rest is just as accurate without a loop so you can avoid the hassles of a loop if you so desire.


Will the Air-Rest work on my bow? 


The Air-Rest can easily be mounted onto almost any bow found on the market, including “bridge” or “TEC” risers found on some bows.  The Air-Rest is designed for newer bows with a draw stop or bows with a very solid, definite “back wall”.  If you are using a bow without a draw stop, then set it up to shoot directly off the back wall.  We do not recommend using this rest on older bows or bows with long valleys and spongy back walls.


My broadhead/target points are magnetic…can I simply use your rest with my broadheads/target points?  


Because your broadheads or target points are attracted to magnetism only means it will attract to the rest, not float in the rest.  The Air-Rest works off of magnetic repulsion, not magnetic attraction.


Where can I purchase the Air-Rest? 


The Air-Rest can be purchased online through this site or through any one of our dealers.  Write or call and we can recommend a dealer in your area!  


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